Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds

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We offer completely flexible payment plans with a $50 non-refundable deposit. 

  • Shipping is dependent on both locations being in the same daytime high range of 38°-69°F or 70°-99°F.

  • Shipping is limited during the winter season; we often have to monitor temperatures until we find an ideal window to safely ship

  • At this time, we are limiting delivery to FedEx Ship Centers only. 


  • 03/04/2024 - We're relocating! Please be patient with us these next couple weeks as we navigate the chaos. We'll officially be in Fort Collins, CO and ready to resume shipping by 3/18/24. We're hoping being in CO will give us more temperature appropriate ship days; Phoenix just warms up too fast compared to everywhere else! We'll miss Phoenix but we're excited for our next adventure. 

  • 01/08/2024 - Happy New Year! Shipping is technically OPEN! We ship directly to FedEx Ship Centers only during this time. The daytime high of both locations must be 38°F or higher.
    10/26/2023 - Fifth and last litter! Only a few will be available; 1.0 GX Albino het paint and 1.1 GX het albino paint; all 50% ph anery.

  • 10/05/2023 - Fourth litter! Most of these will be available, but we're keeping the visual Albino Paradox Paint :)
  • 10/02/2023 - Shipping is OPEN. Our temperatures fluctuate in October and there will be days / weeks we are unable to ship. Safety is our #1 priority!
  • 09/17/2023 - Third litter! These are all holdbacks, we have a Snow Paradox Paint, Snow Paradox het Paint, and Albino Paradox het Paint. 
  • 09/11/2023 - Second litter! Parents were a pair of Anery Stripe het Albino Paradox Paint. 
  • 08/29/2023 - First litter of 2023! Anery Paints and Anery het Paint, all het GX. 
  • 05/01/2023 - Slightly late in the season for us, but all of our pairs have been introduced.


I've been keeping kenyan sand boas since January 2012. I had wanted to keep a smaller species of snake and quickly fell in love with the docile temperment and morph variety of kenyan sand boas. My first adult female was a craigslist find that happened to be gravid, and so mid-2012 was also the year I welcomed my first litter of sand boas. In 2013 that same female surpised me again by being het snow paradox, and I was able to produce a pair of albino paradox stripes. From then on I was beyond hooked!