2019 Kenyan Sand Boas Are Here!

There's 1 clutch still to go. 


We are focusing on getting them feeding consistently; they will be listed under "Available Now" once they are ready. If any in particular catch your interest then let us know; if they aren't spoken for then we can place a hold on them for you. First come, first serve basis. 


Notes : You will see clutch results posted with a count format that separates genders. The number to the left of the . is the quantity of males, the number on the right of the . is the quantity of females. Example: 3.5 means 3 males, 5 females.

Keep in mind any combination of visual or het anery and albino paradox together means het snow paradox (snow paradox is the visual expression of 2 genes, anery and albino paradox both being visually expressed together)  :) 


clutch 5 - BORN 7/18/19!

Rune - Anery het Albino Paradox

Mercury - Snow Paradox Stripe

Paired on 1/20/19


BORN 7/18/19 - pics coming soon

3 Anery Tigers (het Albino Paradox)

1 Anery Stripe (het Albino Paradox)

clutch 3 - BORN 7/6/19!

Athena - Anery het Paint (possible het Bell Albino)

Amaimon - Anery Paint (possible het Bell Albino)

Paired on 2/01/19


BORN 7/6/19

3.3 Anery (het Paint)

3.8 Anery Paint

clutch 1 - bORN 6/18/19!

clutch 4 - BORN 7/18/19!

clutch 2 - Born 7/5/19!

Venus X Amaimon - gravid

Iris - Albino Paradox Stripe het Anery

Asmodeus - Snow Paradox Tiger

Paired on 2/01/19


BORN 6/18/19

2.1 Albino Paradox Tigers (het Anery)

0.2 Snow Paradox Tigers

Pandora - Albino Paradox

Valdyn - Albino Paradox Stripe

Paired on 2/24/19


BORN 7/18/19

7 Albino Paradox Tigers

2 Albino Paradox Stripes

Nemesis - Albino Paradox het Anery Stripe

Mephisto - Normal Stripe het Anery & Albino Paradox

Paired on 3/02/19


BORN 7/5/19

1.0 Normal Tiger (het Albino Paradox, 66% possible het Anery)

0.1 Normal Stripe (het Albino Paradox, 66% possible het Anery)

1.1 Albino Paradox Stripe (66% possible het Anery)

Venus - Albino Paradox Stripe het Anery

Amaimon - Anery Paint (possible het Bell Albino)

Paired on - 3/13/19



Normal Tigers & Stripes (het Anery & Albino Paradox & Paint)

Anery Tigers & Stripes (het Albino Paradox & Paint)