Shipping costs vary depending on destination, package size, and package weight. Typically you can expect the shipping charge to range from $50-$85. Contact us for a shipping quote and estimated ship out date!


We ship within the United States only (lower 48, not Alaska or Hawaii). The package will arrive clearly marked that it contains a Live Harmless Reptile. We also include an invoice and details regarding your kenyan sand boa such as gender, birth date, weight, genetics/lineage,  prey-item size/type, and the dates of their last feeding and shed.


While we can ship to your residence (signature required), we highly recommend choosing to pick up your kenyan sand boa at a nearby FedEx Ship Center instead. This is to prevent the possibility of FedEx missing you during the first delivery attempt. We want to reduce the amount of time your kenyan sand boa is on the back of a FedEx truck as much as possible. By shipping to a FedEx Ship Center your kenyan sand boa will arrive by 10:30 AM* and will be held inside a temperature controlled facility until you can pick the package up that day before 5 PM. We will require shipping to a FedEx Ship Center during certain temperatures/conditions.


We cannot ship to a business or office, only a residence or a FedEx Ship Center. We follow the extensive guidelines and regulations outlined by Ship Your Reptiles, a FedEx-certified service that allows us to create shipping labels and insure our packages.


Search for a FedEx Ship Center near you or provide us your address and we can find the closest one to you. (Must be a FedEx Ship Center, NOT a FedEx Office, Pak Mail, Mail Boxes Etc. or other satellite/franchise location).


We require 48 hour notice for when you would like your kenyan sand boa to be shipped. This allows us time to prepare packaging, purchase the shipping label and optional insurance, and ensure appropriate temperatures at both the origin and destination locations. We will not ship out on Thursday for Friday delivery as we want to avoid potential delays over the weekend. No weekend shipping.


Monday ship-out delivers Tuesday before 10:30 AM*

Tuesday ship-out delivers Wednesday before 10:30 AM*

Wednesday ship-out delivers Thursday before 10:30 AM*


*Zip codes that are categorized by FedEx as urban, rural or remote will receive deliveries by 10:30 a.m., noon or 4:30 p.m. respectively.

  • Open the box and remove the top insulation and some of the top newspaper to allow some light to reach the top of the deli-cup.
  • Allow the box to sit for 15 minutes while your sand boa acclimates to the room temperature and lighting.
  • Open the deli-cup and assess your sand boa. Try to limit this initial handling to a short period of time; shipping can be stressful and they’ll need to feel safe in their new home and environment.
  • Place your sand boa on top of the substrate on the warm side of their enclosure. They may not be very active at first, especially if temperatures were low during transit.
  • Ensure there is fresh water available and visually check on your kenyan sand boa throughout the day to make sure they are adjusting well.
  • Avoid further handling until your kenyan sand boa takes their first meal with you. You can offer food as early as 24-48 hours after receiving your sand boa.
  • We tong feed to encourage a strong feeding response. If your sand boa doesn’t eat right away then leave the food item and your sand boa enclosed in a deli-cup overnight. You can then place the deli-cup in the habitat (not over the heat!) and cover slightly with substrate. Your sand boa should eat by morning; if not then double check temperatures/humidity and repeat the process every 5 days until feeding resumes. If feeding doesn’t resume or if at any time you become concerned, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Keep your new kenyan sand boa in a standard new reptile quarantine for at least 90 days.


We will not compromise the safety of your kenyan sand boa and are extremely strict with the temperature regulations. These temperatures refer to the daytime high only and apply to both the origin and destination locations.


Below 38°F: We will NOT ship.

38-69°F: We will ship, with a heat pack, ONLY to a FedEx Ship Center facility.

Cold weather shipping requires a larger ship box to ensure safety while using a heat pack. Additional shipping charges may apply.

70-91°F: Regular shipping.

92-99°F: We will ONLY ship to a FedEx Ship Center facility.

Over 99°F: We will NOT ship.


Aside from when temperatures are outside the acceptable range, Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds will not ship during the winter holiday season. During this time there is a large volume of packages in transit that can increase the likelihood that our package could be delayed, damaged, or lost. We will also attempt to monitor thunder and snow storms and will recommend waiting to ship your kenyan sand boa during such events due to increased likelihood of delays.


Closed for Summer: Typically June through mid-September due to extreme temperatures, but can vary.

Closed for Winter: Starts the week of Thanksgiving, the fourth week of November, through the second week of January.


We are located in Phoenix, AZ and would be happy to arrange local pick-up. We also occasionally travel to the Riverside, CA area and we could possibly arrange to bring your kenyan sand boa to an area in that location. This option is limited and depends on our personal travel schedule; please inquire for more details and coordinating such a delivery.



Currently Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds uses the services of ShipYourReptiles for our shipping label, insurance, and packaging needs. They are FedEx-certified to ship live reptiles to a FedEx Ship Center or a residence. Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds adheres to their extensive guidelines for all aspects of the shipping process including packaging standards and origin/destination temperature requirements. We have never had an issue with shipping while using SYR services and following their guidelines.


With that being said, there can be shipping delays that are outside of Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds or SYR’s control. This can happen when FedEx experiences delays within their logistics chain. The longest delay Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds has experienced is 5pm the day of the scheduled delivery. However, we have heard of longer delays occurring with other sellers that have lasted several days. We guarantee live arrival on all on time deliveries; we highly recommend purchasing insurance through SYR to cover the cost of the shipping label if it is delivered late, and the cost of your shipping label and the value of your kenyan sand boa if it is delivered late and DOA.


While delays are relatively uncommon, it is a potential risk and is typically outside of our control once FedEx has received the package. Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds regularly monitors the location of your package and will provide you with a tracking number so you can do the same. If a delay does occur, we will contact SYR and FedEx to attempt to expedite the shipment or have the package moved inside a FedEx temperature controlled office, but we are unable to guarantee the outcome of such attempts.