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While this page is under construction you can refer to this genetic calculator for genetic calculations. 

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Here you can find kenyan sand boa genetics explained. This is information on proven kenyan sand boa morphs and includes examples of morph pairings and their potential offspring outcome. It would help to have a basic understanding of Mendelian Inheritance. Consider reviewing this Khan Academy lesson, which is an excellent free learning resource, or “A Crash Course In Reptile Genetics” by Steven Bulinski.


This information is being presented to the best of our understanding. KSBN does not work with all of these morphs; some morphs are new or may be in the early stages of being combined together. In addition to morphs, there are also line-bred traits that have been enhanced through selective breeding over several generations.


Pictures used here are of sand boas produced by KSBN; while we may not be working with all of these morphs, we can point you toward reputable breeders if you are looking for something in particular. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!