The purchase of any animal is a commitment to provide for that animal for the entirety that it is in your care; Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds expects buyers to conduct thorough research and to ask us questions regarding their purchases to ensure they can provide the best home, habitat, and care for their kenyan sand boa. Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds will take back or assist you in rehoming your kenyan sand boa at any time if you feel you are unable to provide proper care, no questions asked.


Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds strives to be fair, honest, and reliable; we will provide our full support every step of the way. We raise each of our kenyan sand boas as beloved pets; we do not anticipate there will be any errors or concerns with any animal purchased from us.

Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds supports USARK, the United States Association of Reptile Keepers. "An Education, Conservation and Advocacy Organization for Herpetofauna... Promoting Awareness, Responsible Care & Professional Unity... Our goal is to facilitate cooperation between government agencies, the scientific community, and the private sector in order to produce policy proposals that will effectively address important husbandry and conservation issues.” Please consider donating to their cause.









Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds currently only accepts PayPal and requires payments to be made in full prior to shipment. There is a 25% non-refundable deposit that is included in the purchase price. Payment plans can be arranged within a 60 day time frame; amounts in excess to the 25% deposit are non-refundable after 60 days of payment receipt.


Due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of summer and winter extreme temperatures, Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds asks that buyers complete their payments as soon as possible to avoid delays. If an animal is not paid for in full prior to peak summer or winter, when shipping is closed, there are two options. 1.) The sale can be cancelled and we will return the refundable portion of the payment. 2.) A non-refundable summer/winter holding fee can be charged ($25) and we will ship as soon as temperatures safely allow; holding over summer/winter can last several months.

Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds can ship directly to your residence or to a nearby FedEx Ship Center for you to pick up. The buyer is responsible for shipping charges on all purchases and returns. We offer a 30 day guarantee on all kenyan sand boas and will issue and honor returns during this period; any issues beyond this time frame is subject to review at our discretion. Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds may cover the shipping cost on replacements due to errors made by us on a case by case basis.


We ship priority overnight exclusively; packages are tendered to FedEx Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and will arrive at the origin location typically by 10:30 AM the very next day. Zip codes that are categorized by FedEx as urban, rural or remote will receive deliveries by 10:30 a.m., noon or 4:30 p.m. respectively. Packages are delivered on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday depending on your ship out day. We do not ship outside of these days to ensure if FedEx experiences delays that your kenyan sand boa is not at risk of being held at a FedEx facility over the weekend.


We strongly prefer to have packages sent directly to a FedEx Ship Center near you for pick up at that location; This is to reduce the chance FedEx misses you during the first delivery attempt as we want to reduce the amount of time your kenyan sand boa is on the back of a FedEx truck as much as possible.


Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds takes every measure to ensure the safety of your kenyan sand boa during shipment. However, for forces outside of our control, ShipYourReptiles offers insurance that you may choose to take advantage of. Please inspect your kenyan sand boa upon arrival and contact us via call, text, or e-mail within 4 hours of arrival to notify us the animal(s) arrived safely and in good condition.

Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds assumes no liability for shipments that are lost, delayed or mishandled by the carrier, or for delays by the receiver in picking up the shipment. Insurance is available and is offered by SYR; this must be purchased at the same time as the shipping label. This insurance will cover the cost of your shipping label if the package is delivered late and it will also cover the value of your kenyan sand boa if it is late and DOA.


Inform us if you would like to purchase insurance. Insurance is an additional cost of $2.50 per $100 you wish to insure. Meaning if your kenyan sand boa is $200 shipped, insurance would cost $5. If you decline insurance then you are not eligible to receive a refund for the shipping charge or a payment for the value of the shipment.


Please refer to the SYR Website for details on how their insurance works and how to process a claim. Claims are time sensitive, so be sure to contact Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds and follow the full SYR procedures that are required.

Buyer assumes responsibility for all federal, state and local regulations regarding the animal(s) that are purchased. We are not responsible for bites, scratches, or other injuries and transmissions inflicted by any of the animals that are purchased from us.

This is a standard procedure all reptile keepers should practice regardless of how healthy your current or new animals appear to be. Whenever you receive a new reptile they should be placed in quarantine away from any other reptiles you may have. Quarantine does not mean you cannot handle your kenyan sand boa, but it does mean limiting their exposure to and from other reptiles. Quarantine should last for a minimum of 90 days and up to 180 days; typically 90 days is sufficient. While it is unlikely we have shipped you a sick animal as we take every precaution, we advise you monitor the health of your kenyan sand boa during this time.

At Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds we take pride in our kenyan sand boas and offer a 30 day health guarantee. If your kenyan sand boa appears to be in ill health within this period we ask that you contact us immediately. We will require pictures of your kenyan sand boa and their habitat, as well as complete details of your husbandry practices.


If your kenyan sand boas health appears compromised, and we recommend a veterinary exam, then Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds will cover the cost of the exam. However, you must provide us with the veterinary chart notes (which you must specifically ask for a copy from your veterinarian) and an invoice after said exam. In the rare event that your kenyan sand boa dies, we will offer a full refund or a replacement kenyan sand boa if possible.


If at any time you become concerned with the well being of your kenyan sand boa then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to advise you regardless of how long ago you received your kenyan sand boa, and regardless of whether you received them from Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds or not. This is a passion for us and we will do anything we can to help.

Please see the feeding section in our kenyan sand boa caresheet(LINK) for feeding guidelines. We list our baby kenyan sand boas for sale after they have taken a minimum of 3 consecutive meals, though we prefer to ship after 5 meals. We will always fully disclose the last feeding dates on all of our kenyan sand boas.


Shipping and a change in environment can be stressful on your kenyan sand boa and handling should be limited until regular feeding is established. If you have problems getting your kenyan sand boa to eat, and have tried the methods outlined in the caresheet, or if you become concerned at any time, contact Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds directly and we will work with you.

Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds understands how important it is to know the gender and genetics of your kenyan sand boa. Not just for prospective breeders, but also because female kenyan sand boas grow significantly larger than male kenyan sand boas and have different minimum enclosure size requirements. Males are also known for refusing to eat for several months during the breeding season, which an inexperienced keeper may find daunting.


While the gender of a kenyan sand boa can be determined by visually assessing the shape of the tail from cloaca to tail tip, this can sometimes prove unreliable. To 100% guarantee the gender of all our kenyan sand boas, we use a method called palpating. This is a safe and non-invasive method compared to an alternative procedure called probing, which is completely unnecessary with kenyan sand boas.


Disclosed genetics are guaranteed for all our kenyan sand boas. If you provide us with proof you’ve received a kenyan sand boa from us that is the wrong gender or has the wrong genetics from what you were told, Kenyan Sand Boa Nerds will make it right. If you intend to keep the kenyan sand boa in question, we can provide a partial refund. If you would like a full refund you must be willing and able to ship the kenyan sand boa back to us. In either instance, we will offer you a replacement kenyan sand boa at no charge or at a significant discount on a case by case basis.